particip no. 101

three gallery rooms three points three listening options … imagine that someone is talking to you who has a second mouth instead of ears, you incline your head and listen to what this mouth has to say… particip – I use this term to refer to events conceived for a particular place or situation

Tomáš Vaněk

One of the most outstanding representatives of contemporary Czech post-conceptual scene who has also established himself in the international context. Since his student times, Vaněk has been generating a specific visual world where he does not create traditional artifacts as he prefers to model situations, manipulate them, create a new tension between different relationships. Since 1999 he has been using the proprietary notion of “particip” – a term he coined himself to refer to events and interventions representing a reaction to a particular location or space. His aim is to connect to the chosen situation, to emphasize marginal relations, to unsettle the viewers and force them to cooperate. This activity is systematic – every particip is accompanied by a brief description and a serial number. There have also been small shifts and aberrations from this system, namely the popular use of stencils to spray images of small bells, electro-installation or shadows on the walls; adding lamps made out of balloons and adhesive tape; the use of slogans, texts or tables; the liquid railing or the Škoda car dismantled into individual pieces that he catalogued and so on.
Since 2005 he has worked intensively with sound and sound recordings: he recorded the act of cutting hair at a barbershop during a simulated situation (particip n. 55), converted a visual poem entitled “Rám” (Frame) in audio form or let the visitors listen to situations that were quite unexpected and inappropriate in a gallery (noises, whispering, horse stomping and so on).
The current particip, which, by the way, is the beginning of the second hundred of this kind of events, provides three different forms of one sound recording in three rooms. This is made possible by two tubes passing through the walls of the gallery. The recording is stereo so the viewer/listener can listen to up to three connected stories from one source (left channel, right channel or both channels together), if they accept the game and decide to “participate” in this 3 in 1 audiosituation.

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