About Art is video by Adela Svobodova that its character could be likened to a kind of random selection from the record cliche of contemporary artists. Needless to say, that from a conceptual point of view not wholly dedicated to it is not clear why the majority of Czech artists appears instead of a foreign star. Let’s try to say that Czech artists, perhaps more art form than to talk about it and Adela Svobodova just had to fill small gaps of her fine dramaturgy using international renown. And as soon as the first communication is by Michael Pěchouček that we can always find a gap. Always.

one comment for “ABOUT ART”

  1. jmeno nutne says on06. May. 2010:

    hezky epilepticke titulky, neslo by, aby si je navstevnici mohli vypnout, kdyz umi cesky?

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