Ahleuchatistas are an American instrumental math rock band that mix influences of jazz, progressive rock, avant-garde, and experimental to create a unique sound. The band was formed in Asheville, North Carolina in March 2003.

Ahleuchatistas’ sound is marked by tight percussion, stabbing guitar riffs, and thumping bass. Sudden tempo changes, amelodic tones, and technically complex riffs are prominent and characteristic of their sound. The original members of the band were Shane Perlowin on guitar, Derek Poteat on bass, and Sean Dail on drums. Sean Dail left the band in May 2008 and was replaced by Ryan Oslance, a drummer from Carbondale, Illinois. Ryan was found by a reply to a MySpace bulletin outlining the band’s request for a new drummer. He then drove to Asheville, auditioned, and the band immediately rehearsed for 25+ hours over a four day period. Ahleuchatistas have released four albums on different record labels, including Cuneiform Records, Angura Sound, and Tzadik Records. Their album The Same and the Other was reissued in 2008 on Tzadik Records after the influential avant-garde composer/musician John Zorn took a liking to them.

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