The second debate organised within the project Restless Image II: The Limits of Motion elaborates on the previous discussion, which took place at the etc. gallery and explored the conditions of production, distribution and conservation of moving image. The subject of the follow-up debate is the perspective and role of public collections, as well as their relation to artists, independent platforms, private institutions and the art market. Jitka Hlaváčková (Prague City Gallery), Ondřej Chrobák (Moravian Gallery), Michal Novotný (National Gallery), Sylva Poláková (National Film Archive), František Zachoval (Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové) and Vjera Borozan (Artyčok.TV) will discuss the relation of the institutions they represent to audiovisual artworks and their acquisitions. Do the particular institutions have a vision – or a conceptual plan – that reflects the variable technological conditions of contemporary art? What forms of a institutional care should these institutions offer when it comes to the moving image? Should it be in terms of production, showcasing or conservation? What contracts should they have with the artists? The debated is hosted by Matěj Strnad, the co-author of the exhibition The Limits of Motion, and is an outcome of a long-term research of moving image by the etc. gallery. It should contribute to the production of a manual that summarises particular strategies and procedures related to the management of moving image.

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