Beáta Istvánkó (born 1987) is a Budapest-based art historian and curator. After finishing her studies she worked as the project coordinator of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and the Studio of Young Artists’ Association, and has curated numerous independent projects. In 2017 she founded the contemporary art publication store and gallery, ISBN books+gallery. This is the first independent bookstore focused on contemporary art publications in Budapest. Besides running the gallery, she is working on her PhD research in the Art and Design Theory doctoral program of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (Budapest). Recently she is one of the regular authors of PUNKT, the latest photography online magazine in Hungary.

The ISBN is a contemporary art bookstore and a gallery space established in 2017. The name of the gallery was obtained from the International Standard Book Number, a 13-digit identification publication. The most important mission of the ISBN books+gallery is to map, collect, exhibit and distribute texts both domestic and regional, Hungarian and foreign language, new and second-hand contemporary art publications, exhibition catalogs, zines, art books.

The video is co-produced with the Fotograf Residency program.

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