Denis Kozerawski is an artist working in the art collective APART, a meta-participatory platform working on a proto-institutional basis. Since 2012 it has performed research, as well as publishing and archiving activities that are artistic, project-based, curatorial and covering the creation of exhibitions. In 2017 they were among the finalists of the Oskar Čepan Prize.

APART exhibited at Kunsthalle in Bratislava, Karlin Studios in Prague, and curated the solo exhibition of Babi Badalov’s Electronic Dadaist Poetry. They have also published the text of the same name as well as the work of artist Mehraneh Atashi and psychiatrist Jan Ballx. APART organized the performance of artist Nikhil Chopra as part of the project for Documenta 14, holding a lecture and screening alongside the e-flux founder Anton Vidokle and Arseny Zhilyaev. So far they have 18 publications mapping individual or group projects in contemporary art. They were also responsible for an exhibition of Slovak art publishers at the Red Gallery in London.

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