AFT project is a three day cultural festival loosely following a twenty-year tradition of visual arts festival known as “Mr Proske Memorial. The idea of memorial, which since 1990, organized by students of art and artistic disciplines Usti University (ECK and FUD UJEP PF), was to create space for the presentation of art works as art students and their teachers and the general public. And it completely freely, without curatorial intervention. Concept of the festival is also an effort to create a platform for meetings and interaction “domestic” and “cross-country” artists. Usti nad Labem visit as students of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava, who had similar experiences with post-industrial environment, and perhaps because they are close to local students and their work. Will host Furthermore, students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, who will form directly in Usti streets.


Among the objectives of the AFT project was to join together the cultural scene in Ústí nad Labem into one festival. This proved to be a pure fantasy, as illustrated by the petty disputes of organizations like the Emil Filla Gallery/Armaturka ( and the NF Gallery ( Despite this, local artists and cultural workers tried to attract the public to Ústí, collaborating with several institutions. The Faculty of Art and Design and the Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Education of the J. E. Purkyně University decided to continue in the tradition of the meetings entitled “Mr. Prošek’s Memorial” that have been taking place regularly since the Velvet Revolution.
The cornerstone of the festival was the exhibition evening named Come and Exhibit! at the Apollo club. This cultural venue, situated in a typical communist cultural center, has been painted pink and decorated with spangles. The following event, held at the Mumie club on Tuesday, was quite a success, although the announced Schwarzprior vs. Marius Konvoj musical show was made impossible by Marius Konvoj themselves who did not even bother to come.
The visual form of the festival, consisting of artwork of all possible kinds and quality levels, was justified by the absence of a curator and the freedom to welcome anyone with virtually anything. The whole festival was nicely accompanied by videoart. However, it is a pity that the AFT website ( does not mention the corresponding authors. Wednesday’s musical show belonged to the band Hrající výtvarkáři (“Playing Art Teachers”) who proved to be a pack of inept and amateurish, albeit charming, musicians with high enough self-confidence to bother others with their noises and, although they got zero attention of the audience, they still were a pleasant accompaniment of the evening, as opposed to the concert of Kazety ( that I found quite disappointing. Although this band has a high reputation, the concert seemed to be a mere attempt at indulging in awkward moments, which is a concept similar to the band Čokovoko from Brno, only devoid of self-reflection and necessary humor. I do not know their music in detail so there is still some hope that the concert was an anomaly caused by the band Vložte kočku (“Insert a Cat”) ( who arrived late, shifting the concert of Kazety to a time that is usually intended for low-quality opening bands.
Unfortunately, I could not enjoy Vložte kočku until the end because I had to leave the Apollo club early, ashamed and with a stolen work by Luděk Prošek under my arm. I am not accustomed to stealing but I could not help myself but exhibiting his work in the context of the NF Gallery where he works as a curator. This gallery was about to open the exhibition of the art group Gelitin from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague on the following day (April 1, 2010).

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