The Demoscene can‘t be simply described as movies, videos or animations. These works are not data recorded on a medium but executable .exe files. This kind of creation spans across several fields, such as electronic music, design and programming.
The event entitled “Geeks Can Dance” took place at the famous c-base club in Berlin, which is now past its best times.
Beside the PC Demoscene, there is also the so-called 8-bit Demoscene, a group of artists who use old computers from the 1980’s when creating their works. Having attended many shows, festivals and meetings, my personal opinion is that the 8-bit scene is more progressive.

It is widely known that the contemporary PC art is abstract and boring, although some critics might claim to have seen a few cool screensavers.
To support my proposition, I don’t need to refer to professional authors from different artistic fields – I will settle for the already-mentioned 8-bit scene that I find creative and full of ideas and stories, although it is still based on old machines with a limited number of colors, effects, sounds etc.
I highly recommend Russian groups, such as Skrju or CPU/Inward, to the whole PC world. The 8-bit section of the Swedish group Fairlight is equally interesting. You won’t find spectacular effects here, but the authors enrich the scenes by personal storylines, sensitivity and the reflection of social space.

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