“First it controls your mind … then it destroys your body” is the tagline to David Cronenberg’s cult film Videodrome.Curator Aaron Moulton chose the movie’s title for an exhibition of more than twenty artists held in an unconventional venue, the Berlin Autocenter.

Located above a Lidl supermarket, the show contained several true stars of the visual arts scene, including Douglas Gordon, Vuc Ćosić, and Cory Arcangel. It is only logical that the cramped space, packed as it was with such a large number of artists, seemed a little crowded.

This situation also contributed to the exhibition’s overall impression, which felt as if the established artists had been invited merely to satisfy the organizers’ ambitions. On the other hand, it was not a bad idea to call attention to younger artists and juxtapose their works with works by renowned video and new media artists.

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