Anxiety in green

So the smooth wouldn’t hurt.

to physically morph and adjust before bed.

Far too reminiscent of the unknown

The ambiguity of a piranha

Colourfully colourless

Barely suffering

Intrusively ceasing

The feeling after a butterfly

The cold, caused by the noise from which it emerged

Entirely unaccepted by the translucency

The raw nature of unguided growth

Appearing as of meaningful importance in the front, fading, dissolving in the back..

A summary of confusion!

Internally ample

Fragmentation of a memory

In the unrefineness of the present

The morphology of plankton

Bundles of hyphae

Zuzana Jírová is a painter who uses various media in her work including traditional painting, drawing, as well as digital media. Her final paintings are abstract, but they always evoke images of mysterious creatures, organisms or specific objects. Ambiguity is an inseparable element of her work and pertains also to her approach of the area and space selected. Her paintings possess exquisite appeal, original colours, as well as charming and surprising structure.

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