We survived the winter on sterile rye in the face of the deficient copper in the soil, and germinated, reproducing both asexually and sexually, bound together by the sticky sap, to make pathogenetic neon hieroglyphic, code-writer, fungus. In the sticky sap, I came, sexually and asexually, and when I came I was a brain-eating alien. I was a snapped stalactite. I was your quivering shadow. I was a roundworm larvae carried by a sick pig in an industrial farm. I was shimmer. I was idle. I was a distant bark. When I came, I cried in karyogamic bliss to all the quarks that realized my pleasure, my unbreachable distance from my name… from my culture, from my history. June 2020. You will die.
(from Tai Shani’s video series The Neon Hieroglyph, 2021)


As we find ourselves in times that have extensive socio-political implications, the exhibition thematizes the insecurity, the suspicion and post-factuality gradually digging into our lives more and more. The many ambivalent mechanisms trough which we cope with this uncertainty and multiplicity of artistic processes (either politically-critical, or completely non-factual and sensual, scientific or even speculative) of the abandonment of what is considered “real” or “rational” take their forms in the interconnected realms of the technological, the natural, the mystical, the symbolical.

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