Conception of the multimedia Lunchmeat festival is obvious: a musician and a visual artist drawn together, the sound and the image as equal parts of one corpus. The aim of the festival, which was held since 9th March till 13th at Prague clubs Meetfactory and NoD, is to introduce and describe new movements in the field of electronic music and visual art.
Lunchmeat festival continues in the inheritance of Lunchmeat A/V Sessions, which were held in Prague during the last year. The festival’s ambiton, analogous to A/V Sessions, is to interlink two separate art fields – modern music and visual art – by force of unique A/V sets.

The feature is the collaboration between the American musician Nosaj Thing and French visual artist Romain Tardy aka Aalto. Aalto, a member of AntiVJ team, is coming to Prague fourteen days before the festival begins to create a peculiar light design of the stage and visualisations, both intended just for this shared performace with Nosaj Thing.

The Friday headliner is, with no hesitation, one of the very few women in dubstep. Ikonika who will be accompanied by Portuguese Video Jack for this show. Video Jack are performing their audiovisual intepretation of Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita these days. Furthermore, all-round visualist Ilan Katin is going to present his new project called Torrent de Bites.

There are also special parts of the programme. Within the frame of “Spanish showcase”, the showing of remarkable Spanish audiovisaul artists which has been arranged with a help of the Embassy of Kingdom of Spain in the Czech Republic, eight projects are going to perform, each working with a different approach. Some of the artists trust only in self-made software and hardware (Fuss!), other (VJ Entter; Yes, Robot) use relatively simple devices, Gameboys. Some make dancefloor sweating (Annie Hall), other make contemplative beats (Sr. Aye). But they share something. It has not been possible to see them performing in the Czech Republic yet.

Another part of programme is “Red Bull Music Academy”, which will have ended on 12th March in London but will go on with two of the Red Bull artists in Prague on the next day. Kidkanevil is not a beginner in the field of hip-hop, he has been making music for over than four years and his repute is slowly getting stronger. The visual accompanist to him is Czech Initi who, although he does not keep away from the theater suggestions, draws especially from the street and its (no) rules of rendering. VJ Kolouch, who is akin to Initi, is going to pair off with Ad Bourke, who changes the subject often – once jazz, then instrumental hip-hop. Beside of seeing the performances it will be also possible to talk with the artists. Some of the past participants of Red Bull Music Academy will come at RBMA Info Session.

Some of participants are going to show their approach to art also in a theoretical way – in lectures. Some of musicians and visual artists are also going to guide workshops for interested people from the audience. In addition, a few films on modern electronic music (and also on new media art in a few cases) are going to be screened. At first Reformat the Planet will be screened on Tuesday 9th March at NoD. We have already shown it at September 8-Bit Session. The movie is particularly onto the underground chiptune scene in New York and on the festival Blip which is held on the east coast of the U.S. every year. Secondhand Sureshots takes you to the other coast, to the base of abstract hip-hop, Los Angeles. The director sends four beatmakers (Daedelus and Ras G among them), to find the gems among old used LPs, whose footage is first adjusted and then used in new tracks. These new records are just about to be released in a special limited vinyl edition. The film We call it Skwee is on boom of Skwee. Genre, which was first mentioned four years ago, is characterised by strong synths and using of funk, r’n’b or even soul music.

Ooof, you won’t rest a little. Five days of pure audiovisual extravaganza.

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