Hundreds of people found their way to the “artsy zone” along the Danube river in Belgrade to attend the opening of the second regional festival of creativity and innovation entitled Mikser Design Expo.
Opening at sunset with champagne and chocolates with pistachio, the five-day festival officially kicked off yesterday with the launch of an aesthetic life-style fair, which is entitled Expo Zone and includes innovative and contemporary products for interior design.
As darkness was falling, folks found their way outside the fair building, where works from artists from all over the Balkans were on display, and also gathered in front of the stage to wait for a new but promising Serbian band Svi na Pod to play.
This year’s programme represents a mixture of events divided into several areas: Expo Zone, Contact Zone, Talent Zone, Art Zone, Education Zone, Party Zone and Outdoor Cinema.
While the Expo Zone is reserved for the commercial portion, the Art Zone is more, well, artsy, with numerous paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, and photographs on display, and video works and performances being held.
The Contact Zone brings together about 60 local participants and guests from abroad who are set to speak in panel discussions on current social issues.
Talent Zone brings new names in the field of design, while in the Education Zone you can find out at which schools and universities you can become the next young star in the field.
If you get tired of all the mapped out areas, you can always find a seat in an open-air cinema or just grab a beer and enjoy Belgrade from a new angle.

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