The film captures frequent  event  that sooner or later occurs in most of households. We are talking about  replacement of o lder CRT TV for bigger flat LCD or  plasma TV.
I tried to point out a trivial thing,  which occurs  nowadays in our Central European environment and which is actual, and  although we consider it as one of common things, I wanted to capture it and imagine,   how  such TV replacement is made.
The very story is composed so that the  viewer can   perceive  also the second, less  noticeable film line, which notifies that people, neighbours, households have their secrets  which  can only be guessed and  which create  certain shared  suspense.
The film takes place almost in one room only, where a group of four people is playing party games, drinking tee and is awaiting  new  television. Several times, the written text comes into  the story and describes the current or following situation.  Soundtrack  is composed of score and real sounds and noises.

Ivan Svoboda

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