Filip Turek is one of the most original, although least known, figures in Czech art of the past two decades. His works are characterized by a sense of humor, playfulness and intellectual paradox. Turek’s exhibited objects, installations, photographs, and computer images were created over the past 20 years. Rather than presenting a chronologically arranged retrospective, this exhibition attempts to document (in some cases reconstruct) randomly preserved artifacts. It offers a chance to become acquainted with recent developments in Czech art that has yet to be thoroughly studied. A somewhat Duchamp-like strategy of artistic mystification and the creation of a personal mythology are typical for Turek: he exhibits confusing artifacts without any explanation, places an obsessive emphasis on sexuality, takes on various identities, and has seemingly abandoned art in favor of other activities.
Tomáš Pospiszyl

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  1. jméno (nutné) says on14. Dec. 2008:

    zajimavy ale co ten soundtrack?

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