The Exhibition of Jakub Matuška ŇU ŇU ŇU ŇU – NEW YORK is a resume of his stay aka Masker(1981) in the capital of the world. This celebrity of Prague street art and grafiti scene, the winner of the public award at the Names festival

, and a student of the ateliér of Vladimír Skrepl at AVU, he freely uses video, photography, objects and commercial design, but his most powerful weapon still remains the brush and the spray; this year in New York he attended The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. In Karlín Studios he shows his paintings, sketches, billboards but also an installation referring to his own painting that was covered in New York in order not to be seen by children.

In particular it is about one photograph that I got of my graffiti in Queens. This picture was sent to me by Jirka Makovec and I will make sure that this is printed on a big billboard sized paper, and I will stick this onto the wall of the gallery. Sheep that tear wolf apart, flower that pisses at a boy, skyscrapers crushing into airplanes… Considering that some of my pictures made during my stay there were bought by a kind of a lover of the arts, I would have to present them differently. So: Callipo Boys will be an installation consisting of ten fridges, symbolizing a group of skyscrapers, and in their windows there will be our favorite limbo dancers that I will draw on paper and copy them and stick them on the fridges, so that it will look the same as on the original picture, as skyscrapers. The picture Dobré ráno (Good Morning)is being made, as promised, by inverse paints, with a small modification of a figure of a man – an alarm clock, who tickles the one that sleeps on his ear with a feather. The painting is inspired by one advertisement done by one of the directors of Dan Bergmann, a guy throws up at a dog in the morning etc. Then it would be the painting of a concert of úzkonohavičačka (the one with the narrow trousers) alias holubice míru (the dove of peace), whose feather is maybe the one that Mr. Clock uses for his work with the inverse Good Morning. Then there is the painting of the beauty from Košice by the window and a few other drawings, that I did not leave in NY. At the head of the exhibition there should be a scene, sprayed and painted directly on the wall of the gallery. The scene is: I am about ten y.o., and I am with my grandparents sitting at a table at our cottage; a car battery of a Fiat- an absolute luxury – with seats made out of the fake leather, the battery energizing the TV, Bodie a Doyle on show as the Professionals (CI 5). My grandfather is reading the TV program and I am eating boiled egg. Looking back at the topic of this painting, and knowing that my beloved grandmother died and was buried during my stay in NY, then I think that this is slightly an emotional sketch of a situation that happened near to a pond in Jevany. Maybe it will be even horror-sad-cry-something. I will also try to color a few small trees and branches in pots and try to move away from the flat surface of the painting into the space of the gallery. If I decide that there is not enough stuff in the exhibition, I will make a few more figures with faces in the shape of a letter M like one of the visitors at the opening night, as I did it in Manhattan. That is my description of the exhibition. Let me know if you want to write something more, I think I told you so many things, I am sure you got many clever and witty remarks. Of course the sentences of the child that says that the king is naked, or of my narrow trousers that are not narrow and the sad music, they all still ring in my head. And the one about the strange honesty merging into arrogance, that one as well.

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