Videos Babi01-02-03 are a part of the project I work on at present. The project concerns a dialogue. The dialogue between the image and the sound; codes on the basis of which we are able to perceive the image or the sound. The image is learnt to carry information and the viewer decodes it in the learnt manner on the basis of certain pre-images. We most likely create such pre-images in connection with our own experience, from the pre-images of the family and the environment in which we are situated. Thus there is a risk of a monologue and authority of images, since a visual dialogue always places the viewer into a weaker position. On the contrary, for example a reader has more interpretation possibilities. A listener “decoding” sound information is in a similar position. I am interested in how the man’s imagination functions on the basis of the facts heard and how this idea differs from the reality. How much the authenticity of the original dialogue suffers in the perception of the listener, who automatically connects such dialogue with a visual image. I am interested in what manner the sound information determines the viewer’s perception of the seen fact – i.e. the image. I intentionally work with manipulation and want to distort the simple line between the image and sound.

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