In front of the ‘Dom Odborov’ Labour Union Building in Bratislava, on the former site of a bust of the Czech artist František Zupka (1871-1957), the ‘Verejný Podstavec’ Public Pedestal Association presents its first project entitled ‘Doc. JUDr. ROBERT FICO, CSc’.

The Slovak sculptor Dalibor Bača has created a bust of Fico, former Prime Minister of Slovakia (2006-2010), who was known for erecting statues of statesmen made by artists wishing to promote communist ideology in Slovakia. Thus Fico’s statue was installed on the plinth made empty by the removal of a communist bust. Shortly after the installation on August 1 2010, the sculpture was removed by the owner of the pedestal, the Slovak Federation of Labour Unions, the JMF.

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