Jalovik Art Colony was founded in 1978 by Zoran Simić and Milovan Šujić in the Posavo-Tamnava region of Serbia. The colony has its own gallery, which organises shows at home and abroad, with previous shows in Belgrade, Ćuprija, Svetozarevo, Valjevo, and Salzburg, Austria.

The most interesting characteristic of the colony is its effect on the village of Jalovik. Each artist who comes to stay is offered free bed and board by a host within the village. In return the artist donates a work to his host, turning the houses of the Jalovik into galleries themselves.

Since 1978 a total of 158 painters and sculptors have visited the colony, leaving behind 55 sculptures in stone terracotta and wood and some 280 paintings in oil, graphite and pastel.

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