As the title suggests, the Nature & Art project is a group workshop and exhibition exploring the relationship between art and nature, with its most important goal being the act of ‘getting back to nature’ in the context of the modern world.

The artists involved in the project include Porodica Bistrih Potoka, son:DA, Milena Putnik, Đorđe Stanojević, Marko Crnobrnja, Milorad Mladenović, Radomir Knežević, Branislav Nikolić, Vojislav Radovanović, Snježana Torbica, Miroslav Prvulj, Milomir Romanović, Nikola Faller, Katarina Popović and Dušan Petrović

The project is curated by Una Popović from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade and Saša Janjić from the REMONT Gallery, also in Belgrade.

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