The exhibition at etc.galerie takes us on a journey into a complex parallel universe, which J&K create with the help of objects and images. Tools and Relics is based on the stock the artists used andproduced in the recent years as well as some new works. On display are artefacts and performance relics, such as small vessels, semiprecious stones, playing cards, or images from National Geographic magazines of the last 50 years, as well as collages and staged photographs. All of these point to a system of symbols and rituals that the artists have invented. J&K use this material to orchestrate a collage-like installation at etc.galerie. Formally presented in a style refering to traditional historico-cultural collections () and curiosity cabinets the mundane objects and works on show are charged with the aura of cult objects and museum artefacts, which seem to be evidences of a cultural memory. The artists play with various systems of reference and stress the constructedness of reality and truth as we face it in seemingly objective reports, but also in historiography and museum presentations, particularly in the combination of text and image. Cognition processes and knowledge prodcution are at the core of J&K’s playful, fantastic creations, questioning notions such as authenticity, uniqueness, original/ity, reality, truth, fiction, illusion, deception and thus the basis of a rationalist worldview. The viewer gets involved in a confusing mind game of references and links between reality and fiction and is thus invited to produce his/her own reading. The work does not end in the eye of the beholder, but only just begins there, or like John Mulholland writes in his Magic Manual: “Magic is made to fool the mind and not the eye.”

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