An original project has come to life on the piazzetta of the National Theatre. The lawn covering an area of almost 500 square metres calls for picnics as well as art feats.

The lawn has changed the whole area between the New Scene and the National Theatre beyond recognition. The project is called Art Meets the (P.R.A.H.A.) Streets; the City of Prague supported it with a grant. It is an interactive installation, so the lawn as well as the objects on it can actually be used. The project has already taken place in Paris (2009) and in Vienna (2010).

Aliens and Herons or about Chewing-gum.

The project integrates the whole area including the statue by J. Malejovský, which has been altered a great deal. It has turned pink and was renamed the Chewing-gum. This is actually what skaters that sometimes use the piazzetta call it. The author of this sculptural intervention is a young artist Pavel Karous and the New Eternity group, which temporarily alters statues from the 1970’s and 80’s.

He consulted his intervention with the still living co-author of the statue, who had no objections to it. The statue will take its original shape after the project has finished in the middle of September. Helena Sequensová and  Adam Stanko also contributed to the alteration of the statue.

Inspired by the Strugacky brothers.

The Picnic installation at the New Scene was created on the impulse of the New Scene of the National Theatre and the Roháč Stratil Studio. The project was then enrolled into the City Intervention Prague 2010 appeal and it is one of the 80 projects that were exhibited in the DOX centre. 

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