Generation that with our mental matrices does not want to have anything in common, even if they like us sometimes. This generation wants to do it in the way didact Humhal never manages.


At first I thought that the crumpled-up internet printouts stuffed into a pair of jeans would resemble a bar graph without any relevant informational value, but then I came to Jelení, saw it, and was assigned the task of rewriting Matyáš’s confused text. I am surrounded by pants, and so far the only paper is the one in Pěchouček’s pants… half dressed, half undressed. Matyáš found me at NoD, and we began to plan the exhibition together, because I found it risky to let someone do it who thinks fast, talks a lot, and likes everything. Just from talking to him, I could tell that he was opposed to any established and systematized interpretation, that he wanted to take a different route. And then he came up with the idea of taking on Prague’s artistic community and this tired old topic, the idiot. By moving our plans to Jelení, a different solution wrapped itself around this axis. Except, here too, Matyáš fulfilled his resolution to grasp hold of cliché and shift it outside of literalness towards indigestibility, which (it seems to me) is the potential of his generation – which no longer want anything to do with our ways of thinking (even though they sometimes like us) and which wants to do things in a way that that didactic Humhal probably will never be capable of.

/Jiří Ptáček/

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