The sculptural world of Boštjan Drinovec extends between the well considered connection of the contents and form. The content of the sculptural designing is directly linked to the procedure of the sculpture’s creation, as the author, during the very process of creation keeps constantly upgrading the technique and methods applied while working on a respective work of art.

The authorial style of Drinovec pertains to the technology of a modified view on the world, this time in the local Alkatraz Gallery in the exhibition entitled The Cacophonic Generator, once again more mobile than static image representing the world and the accompanying reflection on wider socio-critical views on the Creation. The exhibition in Alkatraz Gallery from 3rd until 17th september is devised as a fusion of visually-sculptural and sound elements.

The sculptor has composed his sculptures and upgraded them with new experimental approaches while also connecting various media, thus joining the traditional sculptural work with more contemporary challenges. The Cacophonic Generator is a sculpture machine, a device assembled of a steel construction and audio-mechanical part. The working of The Cacophonic Generator, the intertwining of irregular as well as anomalous rhythms with orderly rhythms can be regarded as a sculptural simulation of the human system, functioning orderly at its lower levels (in compliance with the law, rules, tradition,…), and chaotic operation prevailing at higher levels.

»The question arises whether this is music or sounds, an instrument or a generator of random choice. The irregular and unpredictable rhythm is a result of irregular electrical connections of the pendulum’s copper electrodes. When the connection is established it switches on the electromagnet moving the mechanisms of the pendulum or sticks hitting the drum membranes. A retro principle in the era of digitalization.The visually clear principle, employing the principles and knowledge from the era of Nikola Tesla, opposing the digital of the contemporariness which conceals the inner processes from the user.« (Boštjan Drinovec) The sculptural objects entitled Posttetris continue the narrative of The Cacophonic Generator.

The forms of concrete casts stem from the shapes of the well known game of Tetris, however, now deformed in away, almost disabling their assemblage. In this case we could almost talk about an »Ex-Tetris«, a Tetris of no ultimate correct solution. In the gallery, the visitors will have the possibility to use the construction components to assemble a new collective composition. Sculpture The Postmjodern man, a monumental human figure resembles a figure constructed of Lego building blocks. The metal figure, holding its head in the hands indicates the lack of self-reflection of an individual and, perhaps, the position of humanity as a whole, where the head is no longer aware of what the body is doing.

By the placement of movable audio-statuary statues in the space of the Alkatraz Gallery, the sculpturalinstallation of Boštjan Drinovec is stepping away from the classic principle of the observation of a sculpture. His sculptural bodies establish a dialogue, communication, and an exchange with the space and spectators, thus becoming inseparable integral parts of the newly created entireness.

Jadranka Ljubičič

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