Video is a moving picture. It can be downloaded, stolen, copied, burned. It can also be posted. But how do you make a show when you have only 10 minutes of the viewer’s time?

You can thicken or thin the time.

10 minutes of video in which nothing happens except vibrations of the plant according to the rhythm of the highway

10 minutes of samples of growth excerpts

10 minutes of plant on air

yawn every 10 minutes

You can try different methods of installation. You can do some other things. You may also let it go. What should an artist and a curator think about, if they want to make an exhibition of video? How differently can turn it out? It should answer the accompanying catalog, which originated as a subversive document of the preparations of this exhibition. In addition to the retrospective video selection, Sobotovičová’s DVD catalog includes also the instructions for a game ‘Man, how to exhibit the videoart?’. This game has many twists, dead ends, but on the other hand the temporary victories as well.

The result may be an exhibition of a new work of Slava Sobotovičová. Some depict the transformation of a lifetime of Karlin Studios with the developers companies in the neighborhood.

10 minutes is not much, but for a hint of feeling that it is enough.

Text: Pavlína Morganová

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