For Jelení Gallery, the artists selected a set of color photographs inspired by the recent exhibition at the Blansko Municipal Gallery. The subject matter of these color still lifes again confirms the nature of the duo’s art, which is characterized by constant development and a sensitive analysis of their surroundings, everyday objects, and (in this case) the work of their colleagues. Jasanský and Polák engage in a certain irony that deliberately verges on “artiness” but deconstructs the medium of photography and the artists themselves. The design of the installation, which expands into unexpected places, is interesting as well. Although Jasanský and Polák are noteworthy artists even within the global context, in a certain sense their work remains hidden and under-appreciated. Despite or maybe because of this fact, they are respected by and an inspiration for the younger generation of artists.

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  1. twentyfortysix says on13. Nov. 2010:

    delate dokument, nebo vlastni videoart? :D

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