We start from the acknowledgement of the inevitable loneliness and subjectivity as the challenge for the performing “I”, and of the awareness of performance practice as constant alternation of action and cognition.

We want to present artists who are highly conscious of the specificity of the medium and convey a strong personal need to work in this particular area of art. It is especially important to remind this attitude when performance is becoming “performativity” or “performatics” – one of many strategies to be used in spectacular projects smoothly fitting into imposed discourses.

We are particularly keen on the multi-layered, uncanny actions that oppose obvious interpretations, are not afraid of ideological irreverence, show the risk of exposing one’s complexity as a subject and challenge the conventions of performance art itself. Saying this, we appreciate the widespread differences in invited artists’ attitudes and want to see how they will choose to appear in their work. We asked them for statements written in first person.

The programme of the festival will also include theoretical presentations and discussions especially concentrated on the role of the ego in performance practice, the gesture as sublimation, and the psychoanalytical view on art as human need filling the space within the three Lacanian orders – the Real, the Symbolic and the Imaginary.


2x comments “Interakcje”

  1. Marcus Vinícius says on03. Feb. 2012:

    hello guys!
    first, i would like to say thank you for this material. it was nice remembering all these moments lived in Piotrków Trybunalski, on May 2010.

    i’m writing ’cause i want to know if is possible to download this video. the link to download here is not available.

    best wishes,

  2. Shima says on03. Feb. 2012:

    I think someone forgot to put my name on the artist list.

    I know unfortunately I am not on the video, a very poor light performance to register. I was on the whole event, and I shared my room with Marcus Vinicius that lovely week.

    Anyway, that was my second time on Piotrków Trybunalski where I could see again the polish scene and the friends I made on the previous year.

    Greetings from warm Brazil!

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