Exhibition of American experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer, running as a companion program of the film festival Mezipatra is presenting a selection of the author’s work from the beginning of the 70 of the 20 century.

Barbara Hammer is one of the first filmmakers in the United States who has consistently focused on the taboos associated with women’s physicality and lesbian sexuality. At the exhibition, called simply Hammer! were shown her movies Superdyke (Superlesbian) (1975), Women I Love (1976) and Nitrate Kisses (1992). Films of Barbara Hammer  are now one of the classics of lesbian cinema. The films were presented in leading international galleries including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Centre Pompidou and Tate Modern in London. On the show in the Studio Fotograf form a counterpart to the selected films by Barbara Hammer photos by Martina Uhlíř and videos from Veronika Neumann and Helena Sequens.

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  1. haba says on03. Dec. 2010:

    hehe vidlo ty jsi s tim tocenim cim dal tim prisnejsi, jak daleko to jeste pujde? :D (ale jako tendle pristup se mi moc libi!)

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