Dedication of a statue “Dancer” in front of the Prosek clinic.

A dislocated statue

A classic figurative statue grounded in sport which at first sight simulates the atmosphere of stereotypical sculptural realizations with humanistic themes for a public space from the times of Normalization and that is why it will fit so well into the surroundings of a concrete piazzetta in front of a puristic architecture of hospital in the style of Brutalism of the 1980ies. Not far away in the same street in front of a sport hall Prosek there is not only formally but also thematically related statue of a „Basketball player“ made in 1983 by a typical sculptor of sport scenes Zdeněk Němeček.

Unlike his predecessors, Čapek works with a cliché purposely and thus, while minutely inspecting the „somehow suspicious“ figure, we cannot miss many humorous shifts from the socialistic realism. The artist’s intention wasn’t to create a shocking art exhibition, but to „dislocate“ gently and delicately a standard solution of those dominant features in front of prefabricated neighbourhood facilities into the genre of a humorous pop which can only a perceptive onlooker laugh at.

Pavel Karous

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