Kassapoint is a free remix of an international exhibition of political art Czechpoint, which travelled between 2006 and 2007 under different names among Prague, Poznan, Budapest, Dunaújvaros and Žilina. We asked the artists, who participated in the original exhibition, if they are at least ¼ Hungarian. Suprisingly, fifty percent of the respondents answered positively. At the same time, their responses expressed a diversity of various reactions to the problem of a citizenship and a national identity from really absurd, funny and careerist, to the ones, that seriously reflected given subject. Some of them, for example an Argentinian artist Enrique Jezik reflects the national identity of his grandparents, who spoke Hungarian and were born in Slovakia at the times of monarchy. Other artists reacted sarcastically, for example Viktor Frešo, or sexist, for example David Černý, or they tried reappraising the idea of the national identity, for example an Austrian artist Robert Jelinek, who represents a virtual State of Sabotage, where the nationality is real whereas the ethnical origin is irrelevant. The group Podebal updated the issue of nationality by a reference to the corruption of ODS and it’s fictive “Hungarian” sponsor Lajos Basco. Although we tried to provoke a critical reaction by our question on purpose, the only one, who flatly refused the selection on the basis of ethnical origin, was a Russian artist Avděj Ter-Oganyan. However, most of the answers showed, that ethnical and cultural purity is not real and that’s why we can sing a Slovakian national anthem in Hungarian and we don´t have to regard it as a transgression of a patriotic act or an act of state symbols.

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