A video created from animations and short sequences of real shots is trying to relativize the problems of an architectural treasure Baba in a playful way.

It concerns with the matter of functional buildings as a model of social housing of later prefabricated housing estates.


Critique of this „bourgeois state modernism“ comes from the group of the „radical“ Left, whose marxism-leninism formulation of modern architecture didn´t meet any response until then.

The smallest flat in a collective housing has to be regarded as an individual residential unit, a room for one adult person. These units are going to be arranged into big residential hives.

A residential unit is neither a dining room, nor a a salon, nor a children’s room, it is a place for sleeping, private relaxation, individual study and cultural work, for private intelectual and emotional life.


Born 29.5. 1980 in Olomouc, lives and works in Prague

During my previous studies I was attracted by working with an architectonic space, theming interior and exterior. I used architecture and its fragments as a key point, inspiration and a basis for my paintings and drawings. During the work I dealt with this topic in many ways, from a free use of buildings as a theme to a more abstract defining of the space. We perceive space as something outer and existing objectively beyond us on one hand, but on the other hand the perception of space is fundamentally related to our inner subjective experience. And this last “space for man”, whose example is an architectonic space, has been representing my theme recently. An interesting and important subject of my work are different perspectives on this space, a view of an architect, a sociologist or a painter.

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