With weights on her legs, her careful movement across the plain makes her look like the first woman on earth.

She alternates each foot on the ground, putting one foot in front of the other. I accompany her from a distance and mimic her moves while my view of her is continuously in motion. I try to remain outside of her purview when she turns around and looks at me.

„I think I would never retain my physical and mental health if I wouldn’t spend at least four hours a day (frequently it is even longer than that) wondering around in forests, hills and fields and leaving the mundane behind.” 1

„There are multiple reasons why I can not leave to Europe; first of all I would freeze to death; I am also accustom to a free and vagrant way of life; and last but not least is the fact that I don’t have a high position in the society. I will thus have to spent the rest of my days by roving, straining and languishing with a clear vision of my death” 2

1 Henry David Thoreau, The Walk

2 Arthur Rimbaud, A Letter to my Family

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