Within the dramaturgy of presenting new authors in the “clUb 3”, Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava presents an individual exhibition by the Trnava artist Ivan Dudas (1980) who has had a high profile in the area of new media and video.For a long time the author has been dealing with the issue of processing digital picture and transformation of realistic, topical situations into highly impressive combinations and relevant plots. Handling the picture, its stratification, repainting and superposition are distinctive elements enabling him to strengthen story lines, utter use of a force moment into a close loop. Current exhibition is a comeback to a VHS tapes topic- one of technology wonders after discovery of a celluloid film that started a new era in processing and presenting of moving pictures. Ivan Dudas uses a process of media archeology as a base of his VHS type media research which previously represented sci-fi technology of the future. Ivan Dudas worships the medium as an object using its simple form of a linear belt to create minimalist pictures where the picture medium becomes the picture itself. The second line represents destruction of the memory of the events which have been recorded on the tapes as future events. So far they have been played out in the author’s mind as future thoughts creating a film collage interlaced by author’s destructive interventions. Destruction appears at a particular moment of forgetting about the thought similarly to the type destruction. Those procedures appear in current video-projection, the visual side of which is conditioned by the VHS tape line and by recording of new and new memories.

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