“InsideOut” consist of several found arrangements of a wasted trash. Pictures have very specific dynamic compositional quality. They refer somehow to an atomic structures which are normally non visible for human life.

Bags, clothes, stones, broken cups, scrap glass are all mixed up to the nonsense Dadaistic collage. Frustration and absurdity overflow from pictures. Useless objects like chairs, mattress, plates, broken TVs are naturally full of personal histories. They can be full of sentimental clichés. Brungot´s way of depicting this apocalypse of object is rather sober – distant. It is not pathetic at all. Expressive and desolate compositions formed by relict of our former personal happiness point at the lack of constructive energy needed to keep things in “order”. Without temporally meanings which objects of daily use represent – everything vanish in to the chaos. Dirty ground and photo-camera are the only certainty to capture disappearing fragments before their execration.

“Campingwagon” series is in a way inversion of above mentioned apocalyptical status. Central composition of images underlines static – frozen silence of place. Camping wagon as a symbol might represents human dream for a free movement and search for ideal place on Earth. Vacancies are rare and treasures moments when social units (families, friends) could fully enjoy being human. We could gather around table and relief for a moment on our often troubled life journeys. Brungot´s camp spots are shot without bright sunshine. Not new but also not yet demolished. Definitely not beautiful summer houses contain message about how less we do actually need to feel complex. Our body and soul will do it with only some window to look out to and piece of grass to lie down. Whether it is a very small one – placed on a rather havenless field – we do not care. We feel safe unless at last something consistent surround us.

Geir´s photographs contain two poles of figurativeness. One is lacking the person to give back meaning to what left over. Another describes minimum afford needed to feel related at last to some place.

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