Collecting is an essential human characteristic which originates in the need to tell stories.

Anja Medved changed the rooms of the customs house in the former borderlands between Nova Gorica and Gorizia into a »confessional« and invited locals with the intention of them sharing with her specific experiences of their lives next to and with the border. She has therefore collected numerous family photographs during this public action, old video records and many personal stories.
The painter Ana Sluga presents a more personal (visual) story. She collects photographic portraits of her acquaintances, friends, family members from the time, when they were about nine. Since she did not know them in the time when the photographic shutter registered them in a moment of their childhood, she makes acquaintance with  them anew by transferring the images onto the painted canvas.
Boštjan Pucelj, whose collecting is some kind of modus operandi , concludes his accuratelly defined and completed collection with the last missing object for shure. After the numbers collection, from one to a hundred, which he noticed on the clothes of passers by or on co-incidental objects in the surroundings, he began to collect( and photograph) all the street mirrors in the community of Novo mesto. He finished a more than two year old project when he had organised photographs systematically, listed the locations and arranged them in a file.
Stuffed animal or horns of the roa deer and red deer are popular hunters collection subjects. They represent more than only an object of desire for collecting; they are a prey, a trophy, an attribute of their victory. They are often, because of these very values, ordered in certain systems and also always exhibited in special hunters rooms. Not as a sum but as a whole. And this very particular meaningfull whole fascinates Uroš Acman. He started methodicaly photo-document these »perfect scenes« arrangements after a short research of the life of hunters and their attitude to nature.

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