Hankil was a keyboard player in two famous Korean indie pop groups, but eventually left the groups because he was tired of typical music making and sounds.Then he started his own solo electro pop project, Daytripper and he was mentioned first generation of Korean Electronica. Released two solo albums as a Daytripper. His experiences about music making of electronica makes him to do find different way. He is interested in find another musical structure depend on abandoned objects likes clockworks, typewriters, telephones and there vibrations now. Hankil has organised a monthly event called RELAY since 2005. He established his own publishing office called Manual also, and releases improvised music and magazines.

Ryu Hankil was born in 1975 in Seoul, South Korea. He is a member of Otomo Yoshihide’s new project ‘FEN (Far East Network)’ now.

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