Jochen Höller deals with a concept of an order, information and identity and tries to find a new point of view of different systems.

In his sociograms he surveys networks of social relations and hierarchies and in his text collages to Isaac Asimov and Karl Marx he transforms reading books into subjectively created clusters and allows the viewer to take a look into otherwise invisible process of shaping memory.

Nika Kupyrova presents in her series „Moonshine“ by chandeliers as objects assembled from objects of everyday use she had found or collected. The chandelier symbolizes a modern, pleasant form of a campfire. The illumination divides the space into a zone of light and safety and a zone of darkness and hidden fears. The chandelier there represents a specific remake of a light principle, as an ancient protection against demons. A similar change is hidden in the title „Moonshine“, which doesn’t mean the light of the Moon but a slang term for illegally distilled alcohol.

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