Kateřina Zochová and David Landa

 Their art is based on the tradition of cutout animation. The artists compose fine drawings, paper puppets, and objects live during the screening, using sampling and immediate digital postproduction in PureData. The various pieces of each frame are first sketched in stages just like in cinematic animation. Then they are scanned or shot by a camera and handled like virtual paper puppets. In this unusual artistic arrangement, the artists apply a nearly monochromatic color range and a combination of digital montage with actual physical alterations to the paper.


Veronika Vlková, Antonín Koutný and VJ Kolouch

The musical part of the program arose from past Vlková and Koutný’s past collaboration within the Teve project, which also liked to use overhead projectors and light projections. Today’s musical program skewed away from their usual psychedelic music towards a more uniformly improvised and atmospheric music. In the spirit of their other Brno projects, the trio creates intensive moods and emotions using clearly formulated visuals and intuitive musical improvisation.

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