Denisa Krausová and Benedikt Tolar gain still more peculiar position on the Czech scene of art. Although they are not an authorial couple, she is a precise painter of large-area canvases, he is a senssitive sculptor of ready-made objects, in principle they are both grounded on very similar creative strategies. They are both playful and wild, they don’t lack in the sense of tradition or in the courage to change it or miss it out completely. With a wit and irony so typical of them, they recycle everything they come across, they mix old and new, a personal story with the social one, fantasy with reality, banality with originality… Resulting compositions, either pictorial or spatial, are a multilayered episode of one big megastory… in case of their collective exhibition in Chodovská tvrz twice as bigger.

3x comments “A Cow isn’t faster than a Rabbit”

  1. Milan says on25. Mar. 2011:

    Hele už jsem na těhle stránkách asi potřetí a nefungovalo mi zatim ani jedno video, sefver not found a podobný hlášky…

  2. Jan Twentyfortysix says on26. Mar. 2011:

    zajimavy, a co mas za prohlizec?

  3. Petr Svarovsky says on26. Mar. 2011:

    Me to zatim funguje bez problemu.

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