Nina Beier and Marie Lund first met Jiří Kovanda in Prague in 2006.
Originally from Denmark, the two artists were exhibiting at the Display Gallery. After that they encountered Kovanda several times on the international art scene, such as at the Tate Modern in 2007, at the “All the Best” exhibition at Gallery OneOneOne in London in 2008, and when Kovanda invited them to take part in his exhibition “When I Was Little, I Used to Play with Girls” at Gallery Klatovy/Klenová. That fact alone indicates certain connections in their work and approach.

This project was organized in close collaboration with the artists for the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, and was the first joint concept by the three artists. It combines conceptual, minimalist, and contextual approaches, as well as new conceptual approaches linking their interest in sculptures and objects. The result is a mutual conversation, including the choice of individual works. Taking up three floors, the exhibition’s aim is to present the artists’ work in terms of thematic relationships, both direct and less apparent, to be read vertically floor by floor.

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