Veronika Šramatyová (1977) belongs to striking representatives of contemporary visual art in Slovakia. In her work, she uses neoconceptual strategies, which are the base for art events realizations and she applies them in the medium of painting as well.
The exhibitions maps a decade of her work since her graduation at the Academy of fine Arts in Bratislava. Among the themes, she deals with by conceptualisation of painting or by way of art events, the most preferred is the problem of the position of an artist, the position of art and its values in general society, primarily in the context of home economic conditions with a specifically developing art maket.
The artist is interested systematically in neoconceptual use of painting, using it as a hyperrealistic language by which she reveals and expresses another meanings and layers and she handles it as a specific research instrument. She chose a small size of the picture area and uses a gouache technique and she works on creation of painting cycles, which varies the chosen theme. For that purpose, an abundant photographic archive, she gradually works on and analyses, helps her.
There is presented an open project Barter Collection (since 2005), which the artist based on a barter with chosen Slovak artists. The subject of the barter is an art work which she exchanges for painting the artist’s portait. The aim of the project, where the art performs as a market commodity, is creating a private collection of contemporary art.

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