The exhibition “The Borders of Drawing” presents 16 artistic positions dealing with the concept of drawing in a rather extended sense, while experimenting formally as well as substantially with the medium, testing its borders and sometimes even crossing them.The line itself breaks free of its confines and arches up over the sheet of paper or passes onto to the wall; it moves and spans into real space, forming threedimensional shapes and geometrical objects, or is projected and animated onto the screen.

In some works, traces of spaces – in others, whole continents and worlds – are captured in the dimension of drawing. Occasionally not the artist but the environment ends up evoking the formation of a line. As usual, the focus of this group show at das weisse haus is on the works and on the approaches taken by the younger generation of artists.

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  1. Boj s chobotnicí says on08. Apr. 2011:

    interesting to compare this two drawing exhibitions, from wien[The Borders of Drawing] and bratislava[DRAWING AS THINKING] – http://artycok.tv/lang/cs-cz/drawing-as-thinking/4067

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