I am deliberately not going to interpret the exhibited work by Peter Fabo. I consider it supremely intimate, subjective and nontransferable. But I would like to reflect on specific possibilities, which his work offers and expresses.

I look upon Peter’s work as kind of instruction or a map, which can take us, the viewers, away from the physical form of the work and lead us to its meaning. Each of the exhibited photographs contains more forms – an obvious form as well as a hidden form – with view to both form and content. This multi-layering, or let´s say stratification, is a characteristic feature. The exhibited series almost didactically codes a message about the perception of the world. Another typical thing is Peter´s characteristic absence of of technical “correctness”, instead of which he prefers  imperfect form (low data quality, soft focus etc), which is able to bear the ideological heart of the work more intensely. In this form, I assume, the object of his interest becomes the actual nature of the work of art, presented in the ground of a story.

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