Couple of well known young Czech video-artists has invited two affined German sculptors to put up their first common group show. Mark Ther and Patrick Sedlaczek have been working for several years on specific short stories movies
(M.Ther – “Hanes“, I will get you out…2007; P.Sedlaczek – “Whore story” 2007). German authors have brought to MeetFactory large scale spatial objects. They refer to aesthetics often found in public space. Mark Ther creates micro stories filled with emotions and sometimes real or fictive traumas (“Pflaumen” 2011). Patrick Sedlaczek collects worrying video sequences. We are left unsure whether watching them we have been involved in dangerous or harmless game. For SAULGRUB exhibition Patrick has prepared list of the new videoworks. His own remake of iconic Warhol´s Kiss movie „Mirror Remake“ – 2011, and two short video movies Nails 2010 and La Eutera Magie de la Reencarnation“ 2011.
Both German artists are dealing with spatial installations. They both work with found and lately recomposed objects. Nicoll Ullrich creates compositions which have character of recently left over items (“Fantómas # 6“, 2006; “Yuka Oyma” 2009). Suprising mixture of colors and materials (fabric, boards, foils, etc.) refers to anticipated activities. Tidying up, preparation before work or work itself… those are the moments which often have its own poetic charge. Nicoll underlines aesthetic quality of those situations. For MeetFactory she has prepared reinstallation of mobile hunter´s observatory (Hunting “Fantomas” 2011). Ulrike Mundt tends toward more defined object vocabulary. In her artwork she often use sound and kinetic electronic in her work (“Radio_raw” 2008). Results often pretend to be functional – practical (“Flag sculpture II” 2009). Ulrike Mundt use luxury materials to substantiate ironically self-confident sculptures (“Golden” 2007). Her artefacts look like fundamentally useful things – function of which we have not a clue – but somebody else definitely has.
Exhibition plays with both fictive and authentic German background of all involved artists. Title of the exhibition can be also translated as a “pig hole”. It is a kind of a mythic place in our memories which we do not publicly indorse to – but it no doubts belongs to us.

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