Among the most interesting recent work of Markéta Kubačáková belongs her work made by a classic technique – watercolour, which is however due to the way of installation and the backgroung of thought placed into the context of contemporary art. Some of them were shown at the beginning of the year in her exhibition in Fenestr Gallery „„After Battle of Bílá Hora cubit – four fingers, five grains and a dot“ or in the exhibition she had together with Václav Magid „Up to the top of superficiality, down to the bottom of shallowness“ at the turn of March and April in 35m2 Gallery. New watercolour paintings will be also exhibited in Jelení Gallery. Part of the installation is a book „Tvarochodi“, written and illustrated by Markéta, inspired by the stories of people living in Horní Jelení in Eastern Bohemia.

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