Kal Spelletich (b. 1960, Davenport, Iowa, USA) presents a collection of interactive installations created during his residency at MeetFactory. An amiable interactivity meshes with sinister mechanicality in his playful installations combining punk and Dada. Apart from combustible mixtures and explosives, Spelletich works mainly with scavenged refuse, with the goal of giving it a new life that is often quite different from its original purpose. In a way, Duchamp meets Mad Max.

We also introduce Czech artist Richard Loskot (b. 1980 in Most) as the guest exhibitor. Loskot has a long-standing interest in the workings of mechanical and electronic systems that operate in open-ended algorithms and cycles, resulting in surprising combinations and strange situations.

4x comments “Machines without a case”

  1. Jan Twentyfortysix says on28. Apr. 2011:

    Simply told with a beautiful clearness, no artist bullshits nothing like that, I like that attitude.
    Unlike Richard who describes it’s work in a technological way, how geeky it is. Who cares? Are you geek or artist?

    Thanks for making it up.

  2. erik says on04. May. 2011:

    Jan Twentyfortysix, lets make revolution

  3. Jan Twentyfortysix says on08. May. 2011:

    sure, lets fly for it.

  4. erik says on08. May. 2011:

    so we flew

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