An exhibition introducing the most recent output of this young artist who has already managed to attract a good deal of attention to his previous shows in this country as well as abroad. Jiří Thýn (b. 1977) studied with Professor Pavel Štecha at the Photography Department of Prague´s Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, but has progressively tended towards other media, by relativizing his approach to photography in an excitingly polemic manner (as in Stripe Test, or Calibrated Photography).
By no means is it mere coincidence that he has frequently drawn inspiration in Modernism and Avant-garde art (as in his photograms).

3x comments “Předobrazy, prostor, abstrakce”

  1. bytost q says on03. May. 2011:

    nejabstraktnejsi mi pripada reportaz samotna – nebyl by tam nejaky celkovy zaber?

  2. erik says on04. May. 2011:


  3. Jan Twentyfortysix says on08. May. 2011:

    this is totally out of my scope…have nothing to say.

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