Erotic Revue is a daring appropriation of the name of a homonymous magazine published in the beginning of the thirties in the surround of a surrealistic group in Prague. During the inter-war period, it was possible to distribute such “type of text and picture material” only like a bibliophilistic private print, which was regulated by strict rules. First of all, it “couldn’t be sold and displayed in public, borrowed or else distributed or placed in public libraries. The contributors also used monograms or various pseudonymes.
At last it is important to point out that the ambition of the Erotic Revue is not to scale up the already extensive series of exhibitions and publications on the theme “Eros in the fine art” but to create an open testing field. To find out if the “urge of instincts” is possible to include into the contemporary art experience in a different way than just a sensation.

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