The presented project of a Czech artist David Možný is based on artist`s reserach and records taken in Rahova housing estate in Bucurest, Romania. The place is the epitome of urban utopia and its failure connected with the socialist past of the Central and Eastern European countries. Referring to Baudrillard`s definition of simulacra Možný, in a spatial installation and video projection, captures the mistakes of the mass production, simulation, imitation of classic architectonic components and their bizzare use in the pre-fabricated architecture of the 70`s of the 20th century. By means of a digital decomposition of an image, multiplications and combinations of its parts Možný recreates the harsh socialist reality of this housing estate and provides the viewer with a dreamy, even though a little bit apocalyptic, vision of – maybe the near future.

Projekt českého umelca Davida Možného vychádza z umelcovho výskumu panelového sídliska Rahova v Bukurešti v Rumunsku, ktoré je stelesnením urbanistickej utópie a zlyhania smutne spojenými so socialistickou minulosťou stredo a východoeurópskych krajín.

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