With this new project, Aleksandra Vajd and Hynek Alt transform the space of the etc. gallery into a temporary testing room.Starting on Wednesday, April 6, they will spend three weeks working on a new series of photographs that they will put on display at the end of their stay in the form of a new photographic book and installation.

These new works will be exhibited one by one in the gallery space, which will simultaneously function as a studio/ workshop and as an open space for the audience. Over the course of the project, the audience will be able to observe freely the process of production as well as the fragmentary and instant results of the activities of both artists.

The statement “You Can’t Change the Weather” forms a point of departure for the climatic experiments which the artists are planning inside the gallery. The simulation of the basic atmospheric conditions typical for our region forms a loose parallel to utopian attempts by artists at understanding the surrounding world and its order of things. In other words: despite our preprepared constructs, it is impossible to understand the order of the world and its laws.

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